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PICS Auditing

Dust and Air Pollution Control, Misting Systems and Material Handling Equipment

Solving Today's Environmental Problems by Harnessing Nature's Energies
High Pressure Fog
High-Pressure Fog used as dust and odor suppression on municipal waste.

The ACT Group is situated in Southern California, where its divisions stretch wide to encompass many environmental questions and problems. The ACT Group specializes in water based environmental solutions and bulk handling problems. Dust Suppression systems, outdoor cooling systems, conveyors & pulleys, are just some of the things that The ACT Group can offer. The ACT Group is your answer to environmental issues.

Based in Fontana, California (70 miles East of Los Angeles), we offer a wide range of services from each division. Close to UPS & FedEx hubs and less than an hour from Los Angeles International Airport, we can ship products with confidence and speed to any worldwide destination. We have associates & operations all over the world, from the Middle East to Europe, the Far East to South America.

Client types include surface and underground mines, processing plants for food and chemicals; greenhouse and plant growers; agricultural and horticultural facilities and also homeowners in the desert regions for outdoor cooling!

Our flexibility enables us to service and supply all types of industry and applications. We have on-site CAD facilities along with welding and manufacturing departments enabling us to respond to any custom made request. Our web site and communication system permits us to respond quickly and efficiently to any customer need.

We sell parts from the following manufacturers:

  • Martin Engineering
  • Douglas Manufacturing
  • K-Tek
  • Nordfab

We specialize in the following parts:

  • Conveyor belt cleaners
  • Conveyor belts
  • Conveyor Impact pads
  • Secondary conveyor belt cleaners
  • Primary conveyor belt cleaners
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Conveyor idlers
  • Air cannons
  • Dust control
  • Dust suppression
  • Air pollution control
  • Misting system Outdoor cooling
  • Misting systems Dust collector
  • Bag house systems for dust collection Conveyor skirting
  • Spillage control Bulk Handling Solutions
  • Material handling and processing
  • Material level indicators
  • Foundry and Casting Solutions
  • Environmental Control Solutions
  • Control dust
  • Dust collectors