Dust Control Products

Dust Management

The hazards and consequences of airborne dust are challenging and costly. Dust poses a health hazard to employees. Dust increases the risk of explosions and fire, as well as ongoing damage to valuable...Learn More

Dust Containment

Dust Containment is the foundation of a successful dust control plan and system. When considering the design or retrofit of product transfer, material containment prevents the greater...Learn More

Dust Suppression

Dust Collectors

Applied Conveyor Technology is a distributor of Aerodyne Environmental DUST COLLECTION products, and with them, is ready and able to address your immediate and future dust collection needs. Aerodyne...Learn More

Environmental Control, High-Pressure Fog, and Foam Spray Systems

The ACT Environmental division specializes in Environmental Control with water; the experience within the company gives easy access to technology and engineering for all types of applications...Learn More

Dust Suppression Systems using ACT Foam Chemicals

The addition of chemicals minimizes the excessive use of water to improve product flow. Without a well-constructed containment system, high-pressure fog cannot operate efficiently, the fog...Learn More

Cooling Systems, Greenhouse Humidification, and Reverse Osmosis Systems

The need for precise control over ambient conditions is an omnipresent requirement and need for industry and agriculture alike. The ACT Group's expertise spans over 25 years of knowledge in the...Learn More

Green House Humidification and Odor Control Cooling

Chemicals have been used for odor control for over ten years with varying results. Many of the inadequate systems use low-pressure systems or fans thinking they are achieving the same effect as...Learn More