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Dust Control Systems and Suppression Equipment

How can we contain dust?

Dust control from ACT Group! Companies are constantly searching for solutions, suppressions and dust control materials to improve plant operations. Our dust control systems and dust control equipment will dramatically improve plant operations.

The ACT Group uses the latest technology to help clean up industrial, construction and waste collection areas through our state of the art treatment units.

Dust Control Systems and Suppression Equipment

The ACT Group Air Pollution Control Services, Inc., was formed to provide industrial /construction accounts with a source of reliable service to include providing dust control systems, equipment and replacement dust control materials for new and existing dust control equipment. In addition, The ACT Group provides a full staff of engineers available to design new dust suppressions systems, provide existing unit recommendations or provide treatment system monitoring reports.

dust control materials

The ACT Group’s engineers work closely with our highly qualified field technicians to ensure optimal dust control system performance and solutions. In addition to The ACT Group’s dust control equipment and dust suppression services we also provide odor reduction solutions.

The ACT Group supply dust control materials, treatment units and delivery systems as well as a complete range of odor control chemicals for industrial and construction sites.

Dust control via dust control systems, dust control equipment and dust control materials from the ACT Group is the right solution for your dust suppression needs. We have treatment units for construction and industrial sites to help reduce odor and more. Contact us today.