Dust Control Products

Dust Management

Inadequate dust management can lead to employee health hazards, increased risk of fire and explosions and costly damage to expensive equipment. Learn more about proven dust control and suppression solutions for your facility or plant by clicking here.

Dust Containment

Effective dust containment relies upon effective dust suppression methods. The ACT Group carries a full line of dust suppression products that prevent a large amount of airborne dust from escaping your conveyor belts. Learn more here.

Dust Suppression

Dust Collectors

Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. is a distributor of the Aerodyne Environmental Dust Collection line of products for aggressive and effective dust control and suppression. Learn more about the many products available through Aerodyne Environmental here.

Environmental Control, High-Pressure Fog, and Foam Spray Systems

Dramatically reduce the amount of airborne dust at your plant or facility using the spray system that best suits your dust control needs, whether they require high- or mid-pressure fog systems or foam spray. Learn more here.

Dust Suppression Systems using ACT Foam Chemicals

The ACT Group’s environmentally friendly foam chemicals bind to dust particles in the air, making them heavy enough to drop to the ground. View more about how this dust control method works here.

Cooling Systems, Greenhouse Humidification, and Reverse Osmosis Systems

The ACT Group has more than 25 years of experience controlling both temperature and humidity in horticulture environments. Learn more about our systems here.

Green House Humidification and Odor Control Cooling

For more than a decade, chemicals have been used to control odors in facilities and industries such as waste management. Our fog system provides the best odor control through the use of specifically formulated chemicals. Learn more here.