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Environmental Pollution Control Systems

What environmental control systems does ACT offer?

Environmental control! The ACT Group offers environmental pollution control and environmental control systems. We have a number of environmental control units and products for industrial waste management, dust control and air pollution control industries.

Our advanced technology units provide companies with the best quality environmental pollution control solutions to maximize plant operations. You not only enhance productivity, but you also do something good for the environment with our high quality environmental control systems and environmental control units.

Environmental Pollution Control Systems

Having the right products for your waste management needs is crucial. Let the ACT Group supply you with technology units to assist you in your task. The ACT Group comprises of several divisions each specializing in a specific field.

environmental control

The ACT Group uses high pressure fog in its dust suppression systems to minimize air pollution by way of dust control. This is one of the many environmental pollution control solutions provided to our bulk material handling customers who deal with dust control issues. High pressure misting systems aide waste management facilities.

Our goal is to provide companies with high quality environmental pollution control units, products and services using the most advanced environmental control systems technology to minimize industrial air pollution.

Our environmental control units aid with waste management to help you increase your productivity. Environmental Control from The ACT Group! High quality environmental pollution control materials such as chemical suppressants stabilize deep dust and loose surface materials. Our Environmental control systems and environmental control units are environmentally friendly products and work well with aggregate materials and soil types. Our top-end technology units aid in quality waste management.