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The ACT Group Provides Material Handling Solutions with State-of-the-Art Conveyor System Technology

Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. (The ACT Group) takes pride in providing real, life-saving solutions for material handling companies. Our secret? We combined five separate elite businesses and began operating as one to manufacture, design, and supply bulk material equipment and engineering services across the nation.

This operating practice benefits each company in the ACT Group and also offers our customers a uniquely cohesive integral supplier as our different applications work seamlessly with each other. Plus, each of the five companies specializes in different aspects of the bulk handling industry and venture into different avenues of environmental control!

The ACT Group offers four core services all focused on creating environmental solutions for bulk material handling. We offer plenty of conveyors and conveying equipment designed to transport dry materials, aggregates, fluids, and so much more. Together, our solutions help solve countless challenges so often found in the industrial markets.

The experts at the ACT Group can be so much more than your supplier of bulk handling equipment and accessories. Our products are designed to take your business to the next level. From top-notch job safety to increased productivity, the possibilities are endless when you choose an industrial solution from the ACT Group!


Dust control is an essential service in many industries such as processing plants, farms, mining sites, dry storage and more.  ACT Group specializes in dust collection, containment, high-pressure fog, and foam to provide highly effective dust suppression systems.  Our goal is to provide dust management solutions that protect the health of employees, increase safety, reduce emissions, and preserve the environment.  Click here to learn more.

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  • Kick Slagging Efficiency to the Curb for Good
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We also offer several on-site CAD facilities with welding and manufacturing departments! This allows us to respond to and meet any custom engineering order, no matter the request. Every technician at The ACT Group is MSHA Part 46/48 trained, making them an expert in their field!

When you choose The ACT Group to handle your needs, you are truly choosing the best the market has to offer. From silo cleaning and dust control to conveyor belt maintenance and repair, The ACT Group’s material handling systems are trusted by countless to keep their business firing on all cylinders.

Bottom line? You can always count on The ACT Group to provide top-notch maintenance on conveyors and silo cleaning products. With The ACT Group on your side, keeping your systems running in like-new condition is a breeze.

It is our main priority to be your main destination for material handling needs. The ACT Group has the largest conveyor belt and skirting inventory in Southern California! However, we’re not just limited to this region. The ACT Group distributes all over the Southwest and the rest of the nation. Request a quote today to get started!

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