Arizona Dust Control Technology & Systems

Arizona manufacturing plants and facilities battle with the problem of dust suppression on a daily basis. Not only do companies have to combat the high volume of dust that occurs in industrial settings, they also fight against the large amount of naturally occurring dust found in the desert. At The ACT Group, we understand the challenges you face and have developed a variety of Arizona dust control systems using the latest technology available.

Dust control is a serious issue in an industrial work environment for many reasons, including:

  • Dust can damage expensive production equipment, slowing or even halting your entire operation
  • Dust impairs worker visibility and can lead to workplace accidents
  • Dust increases the risk of fires and explosions occurring at your manufacturing plant
  • Dust can put a strain on community relations with the neighborhoods near your facility or plant
  • Dust leads to high clean-up costs, both inside and outside of your facility

While the problems associated with excessive dust are numerous and complex, the solution is simple: invest in dust control technology from The ACT Group. Our state-of-the-art dust suppression equipment utilizes multiple methods to keep harmful dust out of the atmosphere and protect both your employees and your equipment. There are two main types of dust control technology in Arizona; dust containment and dust suppression equipment. Dust containment systems aim to capture and enclose dust that is already airborne through the use of a specialized transfer point system. This dust control equipment covers up leaks, reduces air speed, and allows dust particles to settle to the floor where they can then be disposed of properly.

Dust suppression systems aim to prevent dust from ever becoming airborne, but also address the issue of capturing airborne dust. These systems use a dust control material composed of a chemical/water mixture that is sprayed into the air above conveyor belts and material loads. This solution binds to the dust particles as they rise into the air. Instead of being whisked away by air currents, the dust soaks into the main product and causes already airborne material to fall to the ground or main body. High pressure fog, high pressure spray and low pressure fog systems use water, foam or chemical surfactants to achieve this goal.

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