Automotive & Aviation Industry Conveyor Belts

Having a functioning conveyor belt is important for the success of the automotive and aviation industry: Make sure you have the quality and support available to keep your belts running smoothly.

Applied Conveyor Technology is balanced and cost-effective, both of which are important qualities to have in the automotive and aviation industries. We pride ourselves on providing conveyor belts that can resist high-impact conditions, but also flexible enough to protect against rips and tears. The is the best in the business.

How Proper Conveyor Belt Design & Equipment Helps the Automotive Industry:

The growth in the automotive industry has caused a spike in demand for high-performance, well-made conveyor belts that can keep up at an efficient pace to make sure products are produced at a constant rate. The worst thing that could happen during this crucial time is a belt malfunction, whether it’s belt slack, dysfunctional pulleys or belt conveyor idlers. Choosing the right belt is imperative. The SPECTRUM™ line from The Act Group is manufactured to ISO, RMA, and CEMA standards and regulations. They are also heat resistant and created to protect against abrasions.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Aviation Conveyor Belt Uses:

Conveyor Belts for Aviation and Automobile Industry

The aviation industry often gets a bad name, mostly from lost baggage and disgruntled passengers complaining about mishandled luggage. A lot of these unfortunate events could have been avoided with proper, well maintained conveyor belts. If a conveyor belt is off, has a tear, or is simply worn out, it could cause the entire line to break down and drop, bump and destroy baggage. Using a proper belt and other components of the conveyor belt design that are customized for your use are the only ways to avoid situation like these. Customize your ACT SPECTRUM™ choice with many different belting spectrums, such as Grade II, Flex (straight warp) and Heat (high temp). We make sure that you get the right belt in place for optimal productivity. You can also find many flow aid services and products to keep your operations functional, from airplane part assembly all the way down to the baggage claim.

We are not only a conveyor belt company, where we set it up and then leave you to your own devices. We also provide you with everything you need to keep up the belt’s longevity with belt cleaners, upkeep, and maintenance. We want to make sure that your belt gets every bit of use before you have to change it out.

We take care of our customers. Applied Conveyor Technology installs and services many industries across the nation, so we have trained technicians on call for 24-hour emergency services. If your automotive or aviation department gets hit with a plant/department shut down, our ACT field crews are there to make sure that you are up and running in no time.

Regardless whether it’s a repair, splice or replacement, we are the best when it comes to your conveyor belt. Don’t choose someone else who will only give you mediocre service – only settle for the best: Applied Conveyor Technology. Our trained representatives are available to answer any of your aviation or automotive conveyor belt related questions. Contact us today to receive a quote. Email us at or give us a call toll free at (888) 480-0680.