Belt Alignment

Eagle Commander Belt Alignment Roller

As belt starts to track off to one side the Eagle Commander roller cams to lift the belt up on that side to persuade the belt back on center.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • High load capacity heavy duty sealed bearings
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • Urethane covered roller for superior grip and long life
  • All powder coated metal components
  • Easy installation and maintenance friendly
  • 24”-72” Belt Widths Available
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Eagle Belt Alignment Disk

The belt is held between the alignment disks protecting it from any side damage. The belt at worst case will be forced up the side of the disk. Since the disks are always moving and not stationary the belt moves with the disk instead of rubbing against roller brackets. This will extend the life of your belt and help eliminate side tear and premature belt failures.

Features and Benefits

  • Composite molded construction
  • Easily mounts to existing rollers
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Works with reversing belts
  • Disks are available for 4, 4-1/2, 5 and 6” Rollers
  • Disk O.D. is available in 9” and 12”
  • We recommend 9” for troughing rollers, installing them right after load zone and right before head pulley
  • We recommend 9” or 12” on return idler rollers, installing them near tail pulley and head pulley
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