Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Improve your Conveyor Belt Systems and Equipment with Conveyor Belt Cleaners & Scraper Options by Martin® 

Buy the most trusted name in conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers from The ACT Group. Martin® is the leading manufacturer of high-performance conveyor belt cleaning. These products help your processing facility improve safety and increase productivity. Our many options can help keep your conveyor equipment clean and working at maximum efficiency. 

When shopping for conveyor belt cleaning products, it is important to choose the most efficient product for your needs. Placed in the wrong position, the scraper or cleaning system can raise the belt, reducing cleaning efficiency and inhibiting processing productivity. The right product will provide a safer environment for your workers, too. 

Shop our online selection of primary, secondary and specialty conveyor belt cleaner options today. We provide free quotes on all of our cleaner or scraper products. You can also request an installation quote from the conveyor technology experts at The ACT Group.


Primary Cleaner

Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Our primary conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers attach in the pre-cleaner position on the face of the head of the pulley. This functionality can effectively eliminate 75-90 percent of carryback material using a low pressure system.

Secondary Cleaner

Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Secondary belt cleaners are installed at the point where the belt is leaving the discharge pulley. Secondary cleaners remove residual fines that remain on the belt past the primary cleaner. Its location is typically close enough to the material trajectory that the cleaners will return to the main material stream.

Specialty Cleaner

Specialty Conveyor Belt Cleaners

We carry conveyor belt cleaning systems for everything from food processing to packaging systems. Our other specialty cleaners can also work on ribbed, grooved, chevron, or cleated conveyor belts.


If you are unsure of which belt cleaner or scraper product will best serve your facility, give our conveyor technology experts a call! We offer you one-on-one support to help you choose the best option for your plant or facility.