Conveyor Belt Splicing 101

May 18, 2020

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Conveyor belt systems are at the heart of the material handling industry. Mines, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and many more businesses benefit from the use of conveyor belts. These systems play a vital role in handling a wide range of heavy-duty materials and must be performing properly, at all-times. Failure to operate as normal can Read More

How to Select the Right Industrial Vibrator

March 26, 2019

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A quick how-to guide for selecting a material flow aid vibrator The ACT Group has choosing the right rotary, piston or electric vibrator for your material handling needs almost down to an exact science. We have helped many industrial contractors find the solutions they need to prevent ratholing and other common flow problems. If you’re Read More

Dust Collection in Ductwork

May 4, 2018

The Act GroupDust Collection

Ductwork dust collectors help manufacturing facilities achieve cleaner and more efficient airflow Dust collectors are a must for industries with dry particulates, and it is possible to use these systems with existing ductwork. Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. (The ACT Group, Inc.) shares how to use misting systems and dust collectors with a properly designed airflow Read More

Effective Dust Management Tips for Dry Cargo Conveyor Belting

October 9, 2017

The Act GroupBelt Cleaners Dust

Did you see that we were featured in the esteemed Dry Cargo International publication? In the September 2017 issue, you can find how the ACT Group provides key tips for effective dust management and conveyor belt cleaning. We tailored which featured products and benefits to discuss for the dry cargo industry.

Top 5 Efficiency Hacks for Material-Handling Businesses

February 24, 2016

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If you run a material-handling business, you’re in good company! There are more than 55,000 manufacturing businesses in the U.S. today (source: Manta). Whether you process grain, aggregates, recycled items, construction products, or bulk foods, you are a major proponent in ensuring the daily success of many individuals in your communities and throughout the U.S. Read More

Dust Collection Airlock for Rotary Valves

February 5, 2016

The Act GroupDust Collection

The ACT Group is proud to announce of a new product to assist in reducing dust for companies with material-handling equipment. The information below is a press release by Aerodyne Environmental, published in  Aggregates and Mining Today.

Conveyor Belt Material For Sale at ACT Group

January 7, 2016

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Your material handling facility can’t afford to wait when your conveyor belt materials need to be replaced. At ACT Group, our customers rely on us as a one-stop-shop for conveyor belt parts for sale, including idlers, pulleys, spillage safety, magnets, and much more. With such a large selection of rubber belts and parts, we are Read More

Low-Maintenance CleanScrape Belt Cleaners

October 19, 2015

The Act GroupBelt Cleaners

  Installed at an angle across the discharge pulley, the CleanScrape Cleaner requires very little space for installation. Mounted in the primary position, the cleaner is equipped with tungsten carbide tips that can be used on mechanical splices, making the CleanScrape Cleaner one of the most versatile belt cleaners on the market. • Lasts longer Read More

ACT has solutions to save water – and control dust!

July 28, 2015

The Act GroupDust Dust Collection Material Spillage

As California struggles to save water, Applied Conveyor in Fontana, CA, has solutions to saving water and preventing dust at the same time. SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS FOR FUGITIVE DUST CONTROL An efficient dust suppression system is usually designed to both prevent dust from leaving the main product body and act quickly to return dust to the Read More

Conveyor Equipment Association Announces New Member

April 22, 2015

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) announces that Applied Conveyor Technology Inc. has become its newest member.

Formed in 1991, The ACT Group comprises five separate companies operating under the same corporate umbrella. The five companies specialize in different aspects of the bulk handling industry and venture into different avenues of environmental control.

Applied Conveyor Technology Inc. (ACT) is the parent company to The ACT Group. Established in 1991, ACT is an expert in the bulk handling service sector and mining industries.

CEMA is a trade association serving the manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment worldwide since 1933. Member companies represent the leading designers, manufacturers, and installers of conveyors, conveyor components, and material handling systems.

The organization is focused on voluntary adherence to design standards, safety, manufacture, and applications to promote the growth of the industry and the advancement of material handling technology.

The next CEMA Engineering Conference will be held June 21-24 in at the LaPlaya Resort & Spa in Naples, FL.