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Top 5 Efficiency Hacks for Material-Handling Businesses

February 24, 2016

The Act GroupConveyor Belt Resources Dust Collection

If you run a material-handling business, you’re in good company! There are more than 55,000 manufacturing businesses in the U.S. today (source: Manta). Whether you process grain, aggregates, recycled items, construction products, or bulk foods, you are a major proponent in ensuring the daily success of many individuals in your communities and throughout the U.S. Read More

Dust Collection Airlock for Rotary Valves

February 5, 2016

The Act GroupDust Collection

The ACT Group is proud to announce of a new product to assist in reducing dust for companies with material-handling equipment. The information below is a press release by Aerodyne Environmental, published in  Aggregates and Mining Today.