Top 5 Efficiency Hacks for Material-Handling Businesses

February 24, 2016

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Conveyor Belt Accessories and Parts for Material Handling Equipment: ACT GroupIf you run a material-handling business, you’re in good company! There are more than 55,000 manufacturing businesses in the U.S. today (source: Manta). Whether you process grain, aggregates, recycled items, construction products, or bulk foods, you are a major proponent in ensuring the daily success of many individuals in your communities and throughout the U.S.

The ACT Group wants to help you continue to be successful. We offer a variety of equipment for commercial and industrial dust collection, conveyor belts, and material handling accessories. Take a look to see how your industry-leading business can become more efficient and improve your productivity.

Commercial Solutions for Grain Industry Businesses

No matter in which stage you process grain, you need equipment that can hold and sort grain and its byproducts. If you process grain, aggregates or oil, you probably use silos or large storage vats. Valuable material can build up in nooks and crannies, which slows down your processes. This costs you money because it’s material that should be getting out to your customers.

Ask us about our material cleaning equipment for silo material handling. We can help you regain more storage space, as well as recover material that has yet to be processed. Not only will this increase efficiency, but it will also bring in more revenue.

Commercial Dust Control & Material Handling Equipment for Aggregates, Mining, Quarries

Mining is a dirty job. If you have a quarry business, you are dealing with a wide variety of rough aggregate materials, including sand, coal, rocks, specialty stones, and more! Because of this, you endure the most wear and tear on your conveyor belts than any other industry in the U.S. We offer a variety of belt repair options, including splicing materials and processes. Stop wasting your time and valuable material and get your belts back in operation with our services.

Because you are dealing with a variety of soil materials, you will also see dust accumulation on your operating parts. Over time, dust can embed into these crucial areas and slow down production. Consider wet dust control systems to help control clouds of dust and prevent your idlers and pulleys from being inoperative. At the ACT Group, we are dedicated to providing efficient conveyor systems.

Wet/Dry Dust Control at Recycling Plants

Wet Dust Control Solutions for Plants : ACT GroupRecycling plants process many valuable materials. Often, they are sent to facilities to be reused for new product production. Unfortunately, most recycling plants receive mixed items in bulk, so they clearly need conveyor belt systems for sorting. ACT group now sells belt material to better serve our customers. We also have sorting dividers to help you be more efficient in separating plastics from glass and cardboard. If you suffer any downtime with your belts, ACT Group will direct you to fast and simple fixes for conveyor belt maintenance and repairs.

While it is not a year-round concern, recycling sorting plants do encounter dust issues in the warmer months. You would benefit from our conveyor dust control systems that can operate in both wet and dry formats to help reduce dust plumes. Talk to your ACT representative today about your options!

Dust Suppression for Construction Industry Businesses

Industrial dust collection systems are a necessity for any construction business, especially those that cut tile, granite or stone slabs, demolish buildings, or process lumber. Flying dust can inhibit your workers’ productivity. Consider the benefits of achieving dust control through misting systems. Your ACT representative can direct you to our commercial dust collector solutions for your needs.

Conveyor Belt Accessories & Parts for Food Handling Material Handling and Sorting Equipment

Your business relies heavily on having access to idlers, pulleys and other material handling equipment parts. We offer a wide variety of belt accessories. You can also learn more about our belt splicing options.

The ACT Group realizes the U.S. is heavily dependent on its manufacturing businesses. We want to help each of you succeed in your material handling processes. Click to learn more about any of our commercial and industrial duct collection systems, conveyor design and belt accessories. Give us a call today: 888.480.0680.