Dust Control Technology & Silo Cleaning in California

California Dust Suppression Systems & Conveyor DesignEvery day across California, manufacturing facilities and production plants struggle to contain and suppress large volumes of dust. High clean-up costs, increased risk of fires and explosions and serious health hazards are just a few of the many issues that excessive dust causes. Regular cleanings by an industrial janitorial crew may help the problem for short periods of time, but they cannot actively manage and suppress the cause of the dust problem.

What most industrial plants need is a strategic and comprehensive dust suppression and management system. Investing in a dust suppression system practically pays for itself when considering the improvements your factory will experience in employee health and satisfaction, production rates and maintenance costs.

The ACT Group’s modernized California dust control systems and equipment utilize containment, suppression and collection methods to decrease worksite emissions, protect employees’ health and adhere to all environmental requirements. We specialize in designing, creating and installing conveyor designs and dust suppression equipment for a variety of industries, including mining, hazardous waste, mineral processing, power generation, and bulk material handling solutions.

Dust suppression and dust containment are the two most prevalent types of dust control systems in California. The two systems use high-pressure fog and low-pressure fog, high-pressure spray or foam, and chemical surfactants to achieve the goal of dust control. However, the two solutions differ in a few key ways. Dust suppression systems work by preventing dust from becoming airborne through the use of misting systems.  Dust containment systems:

  • Aim to capture and enclose airborne dust
  • Utilize a specialized transfer point system to control dust
  • Cover up leaks
  • Reduce air speed in the warehouse/plant space
  • Let dust particles settle to where they can be disposed of safely and properly

Silo Cleaning

The ACT Group also provides professional silo cleaning services to help recover as much material as possible from your silos, no matter what may be stored there. Materials such as pet food, coal, grain, cement, boron and other materials can quickly clog or block silos. Our silo cleaning services provide the following important benefits:

  • Restore the flow rate of silos
  • Prepare storage vessels for inspection
  • Regain live storage capacity
  • Controlled cutting technology reduces time on the job
  • Eliminate confined space entry
  • Recover lost material

Conveyor System Design, Manufacturing and Repair Service

In addition to providing dust control systems and silo cleaning solutions across a range of industries, The ACT Group also designs and creates material handling equipment and conveyor technologies. Conveyor system applications include steel fabrication, control and logic systems, piping, electrical systems, dust containment, spillage control, and dust collection and suppression

From repairing existing conveyors to designing and installing a new conveyor system, you can trust the experts at The ACT Group in California. We provide dependable and affordable industrial fabrication services and comprehensive conveyor design for bulk material handing solutions in nearly any industry.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can turn any conveyor design idea into a reality using AutoCAD, TIG welding machines, MIG welding machines, and hypertherm high-definition plasma tables. Some of the many conveyor parts we supply are:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Idlers
  • Pulleys
  • Supply belt cleaners
  • Other conveyor parts

You can rest assured that you are purchasing a top-notch product from The ACT Group. Our in-house quality assurance protocols allow us to control the entire fabrication process from start to finish.

Contact Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc., in California to learn more about how we can help you with conceptualizing, designing, creating and installing a dust control system, silo cleaning system, or bulk material handling system today!