Casting and Foundry

Foundry & Casting Solutions Metal and Concrete Casters

Casting Solutions currently keeps large inventory for the following manufacturers who consistently exceed the requirements of today's Metal and Concrete Casters.

Adolph's Pattern manufactures multi cavity test bar boxes and filter basin boxes that allow the use of ceramic foam filters in a basin made with your own no bake sand.

American Colloid manufactures Reeli Klean and Maxiflux , two lines of high performance melt treatments for aluminum, copper, zinc, and other nonferrous alloys.

The SPRAYMIZER system is a complete pumping unit specifically designed for use with release sprays on casting elements.

American Lift manufactures Scissor Lifts that allow the cleaning room workers to lift castings without the possibility of back injuries.

BCC Products established in 1974, provides the most extensive line of plastic tooling available from a single manufacturing source.

Capital Resin Corporation has been a major manufacturer of foundry resin & catalyst, core and mold coatings, and release agents since 1976.

Castec acquired CE Cast Products in 1987. They continue to manufacture a wide variety of foundry equipment including sand mixers, sand heaters, reclaimers, & mold driers.

D&E Foundry are makers of a wide assortment of ladles such as process transfer and pouring ladles. These ladles are designed by foundry men for foundry men.

Exochem has been providing feeding aids to the metal casting industry since 1968. Products include exothermic and insulating sleeves, hot topping, and core paste.

J. B. DeVENNE manufacturers of non-toxic metal casting binder systems.

Metalcast Systems provide foundry process control systems such as sand and mold handling, core making, cleaning rooms and finishing systems.

Selee established in 1978, is the world leader in melt filtration technology. They have now acquired engineered ceramics to add to the ways that they serve the metal casting industry.

Sharp Mold manufactures a green sand conditioner that allows a reduction of bentonite use and minimizes clay balls.

Steel Grip provides safety apparel for every high temperature application.

US Silica is a manufacturer of industrial sands, cement test sands, silica flours, & zircon.

Garratt Callahan is a long time producer of VOC compliant precast concrete release agents.