Cement & Concrete Industry Dust Suppression

ACT Group Provides Many Types of Dust Control Solutions & Material Flow Aids for Cement/Concrete Production


Material flow is the secret to a well-functioning cement and concrete production plant. Over time, your preheater towers, clinker coolers, storage vessels and concrete belts can experience “snowmen”-like build-up, which slows down production and causes product loss. This is where material flow aids and compressed air cannons can help. While Applied Conveyor Technology (ACT Group) is mostly known for conveyor belt products and services, we also strive to provide the best transfer point products on the market to keep your production plant functioning at maximum efficiency. Take a look at our best-selling products to boost your productivity:

Cement & Other Concrete Material Flow Aids

Build-up is a common problem when handling cement, limestone and other concrete-like materials. For many production plants, this material travels through storage vessels to the preheater towers and clinker coolers, and all the transfer points are susceptible to having crystallized products. Moisture, faulty seals and air leakage are all contributing factors.

Loosen packed material at your critical transfer points with The ACT Group’s Flash Cannon®. Available in both small and large sizes, this compressed air cannon releases up to 155 cubic feet of compressed air in less than half a second with nearly 4000 pounds of pressure, all without mechanical springs. Our cannon delivers the most forceful direct blast of air in the industry.

Loose Dust Control Products

Concrete, cement, limestone, and other types of crushed rock can produce quite a bit of dust . It’s important to have the right dust control solutions in place when these products are being forced out of tubing at any transfer point. The ACT Group’s best-selling dust suppression products include:

  • Foam Spray – system that uses chemical foam to trap any loose dust particles in the air
  • Splitstream™ Dust Collector – cyclonic dust collector that is built to attract and suck in granular byproducts like stone dust
  • Fogging Systems – medium- and high-pressure misting systems that create fine mist to trap dust particles mid-air
  • Primary Belt Cleaners – cartridge-mounted belt cleaners remove carryback and offer a safe, easy removal procedure on belts in close quarters like narrow belt transfers.

It is possible to reduce material build-up and increase efficiency at your cement or concrete production plant. Our service technicians will analyze your material handling systems and look for opportunities to improve your operations. This will help you get closer to increasing profits for a return on your investments on material flow aids and dust control solutions. Call 888-480-0680 or visit us online to schedule your on-site consultation today!