Ceramic Industry

Having a functioning dust collector is important for the success and wellbeing of employees in the ceramic industry. Make sure you have what you need to keep your system running smoothly.

Ceramic Industry

For more than 20 years, Applied Conveyor Technology (ACT Group) has been the leader in ceramic dust suppression products. Our top-of-the line solutions are fully customizable and integrate into your own system so that you meet government regulations, lower your own costs, and increase efficiency.

Why Applied Conveyor Technology?

At ACT Group, we know that providing ceramic dust control requires much more than just supplying the product. We incorporate our premium technology with our unbeatable support and 24-hour maintenance to give us an edge that other suppliers lack.

We have the best engineers constantly working on and perfecting our dust collector technology, so we can be ahead of the game. Allowing dust to reach dangerous levels can be detrimental to your employees’ health, not to mention it puts your building at a higher risk of fire that could cause costly damages if proper precautions are not taken. Our dust suppression systems improve your company’s safety and performance.

Best Dust Collectors for the Ceramic Industry

ACT Group provides the highest level of collectors and part replacements in the industry. Our Aerodyne Splitstream™ is a counter cyclone dust collector that requires little to no maintenance and can operate in temperatures as low as -20° F and as high as 700° F. This system ensures that a minimal amount of dust comes into contact with your factory walls.

Our GPC Cyclone Dust Collector is smaller and more compact than the Splitstream™ with all of the advantages. It packs high efficiency into a compact body, making it perfect for small spaces or buildings with limited floor space.

The ACT Group Way

We are not just a dust collection company, where we install and then leave you to figure everything else out on your own. We help you with everything you need to make sure your collectors and all parts associated with them are cleaned, kempt and maintained to the highest degree. With proper care and maintenance, your dust collector system and parts will last a very long time.

Applied Conveyor Technology realizes that having a working dust suppressor in the ceramics industry is important. If a part was to break or maintenance needed to be done, we have 24-hour emergency technicians available to help you at any time. If your ceramics factory/department shuts down due to a conveyer or dust suppression problem, our ACT field crew will be there to make sure you are up and running as soon as possible with no hassle. 

Whether it’s a repair, maintenance or valve replacement, we are the best when it comes to dust collection and suppression. Don’t go to someone else who will provide you with average service – only settle for the very best: Applied Conveyor Technology. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available to answer any of your dust collection and valve related questions. Contact us today to receive a quote. Email us at sales@groupactinc.com or give us a call toll-free at (888) 480-0680.