Dust Containment

Mechanical and passive dust control solutions for all industries

Dust Containment is the foundation of a successful dust control plan and system. When considering the design or retrofit of product transfer, material containment prevents the greater proportion of the airborne dust from escaping and therefore complimenting suppression by allowing that method of control to prevent the remaining airborne dust becoming fugitive. When considering the containment of dust, the following factors are key:

Chute Design, Impact Support, Sealing Systems, & Belt Tracking.

A new generation of conveyor design incorporates managed containment and safe serviceability. Components are engineered with a focus on dust accumulation resistance, specifically eliminating flat surfaces. In addition, the concept revolves around easy installation and maintenance. Martin Engineering is the recognized leader in this concept and product development, exemplified by Martin EVO™ Conveyor Technology, the new architecture for modern conveying.

Applied Conveyor Technology is the authorized WEST COAST distributor for Martin Engineering and it’s superb line of EVO™ dust control components. ACT’s experienced sales team members are available to offer a number of customized recommendations to assist you with your containment product needs, whether they are new system designs or retrofits to existing equipment.

In addition, ACT’s in-house Engineering Department is ready to help you design your new, state-of-the-art conveying system today!

The EVO™ concept includes key design features such as:

  • Stringers & Cross Supports
  • Dust Caps & Access Doors
  • Skirting & Wear Liner
  • Drip Pans & Enclosures
  • Impact & Support Cradles
  • Trac-Mount Idlers (Troughing and Return)