A Factory Worker in Desperate Need of a Dust Suppression System

A Dust Suppression System from the ACT Group Makes All the Difference

Our Dust Suppression Products Offer Countless Additional Benefits!

Did you know processing plants and other work sites are the third-highest cause of air pollution in the United States? Airborne dust can also pose a health hazard to employees, impedes processes and harms delicate machinery! Fortunately, The ACT Group has non-toxic, eco-friendly dust control and suppression systems that work for nearly any industrial fabrication site, making harmful dust a thing of the past.

Every dust suppression system comes with from the ACT Group comes with additional benefits:

  • Dust control allows machinery to operate efficiently
  • Less dust means less wear and tear
  • Dust suppression systems encourage safe work environments
  • Dust collectors and collection systems reduce the risk of fire
  • Dust containment keeps air fresh and breathable
  • Dust suppressants make it easier to meet EPA standards

Each dust collection system functions differently and will therefore be suitable for different types of industries. For example, dust containment systems are ideal for industries that handle dry goods. Other industries, like those handling aggregates, dairy or produce, benefit more from fogging systems. Some systems can even be combined for optimal results. After successfully determining which system will best benefit your business and moving forward with an installation, you’ll be amazed at the incredible difference a dust suppression system from the ACT Group truly makes!

We have included a more detailed chart below to help explain more about the types of dust suppression available along with industries of interest.

Product CategoryProduct DescriptionIndustry of InterestIndustry Uses
Dust Containment The ACT Group has various solutions to help contain dust and reduce loss of product and its byproducts. We recommend analyzing your current chute design and look for areas where filtering could be losing material or being affected by dust Grain
Grain manufacturing
Grain by-product packaging
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Dust Collectors Dust collectors work to trap airborne particles that are dry, granular, hydroscopic, fibrous and even sticky. These machines can capture all airborne particles in temperatures ranging from below 20 degrees Fahrenheit upwards to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Mining
grain silos
Warehouses barns, silos, and storage facilities
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High-Pressure Fog Systems If you have dry products that are susceptible to dust or airborne particles, you can try a high-pressure fog system. Our fog dust suppression systems are not like misters, which disturb dust on the ground and leave wet spots on the floor. We use atomized mist, which is the ideal range to capture airborne dust. These fog systems are powerful but release at a slow velocity, allowing the water to encapsulate air particles midair.

These types of misting systems and fans come in a wide variety of PSI for your industry’s needs. Our dust control systems can also assist with odor control or deter certain insects like flies and mosquitoes.

dairy farms
produce farms
Greenhouse humidification Produce farms (for keeping insects away) Dairy farms (odor control)
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Foam Chemicals for Fog Systems Certain fog systems can support the use of foam chemicals. The composition is friendly to the environment and will prevent the product from getting soaked with pure water, which prevents it from being changing composition before processing is complete. Using foam chemicals in high pressure misting spray systems are most effective when used at transfer points or areas where there is high dust generation. Aggregates
Transfer point stabilization at or near loading/unloading points
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We only provide the highest-quality dust suppression and containment systems that have been tried and tested in industrial settings. With the ACT Group on your side, it will be easier to meet your goals and pass every inspection. Plus, our dust collectors and suppressants make it simple to meet EPA standards and always encourage a safe work environment.

If you are ready to get the most out of your machinery, minimize wear and tear and keep air fresh and breathable for employees, the ACT Group is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about dust control for your business!