Environmental Control, High-Pressure Fog, and Foam Spray Systems

green house

Computer controlled greenhouse cooling and humidification.

The ACT Environmental division specializes in Environmental Control with water; the experience within the company gives easy access to technology and engineering for all types of applications. The prime products for most applications are high-pressure fog (1000 PSI), mid pressure spray systems (500 PSI) and foam spray systems. These systems are very versatile and may easily be customized to suit a wide variety of environmental applications.

High-Pressure Fog Systems

By atomizing water through 0.008" (0.20mm) nozzles; 10 micron sized (and smaller) droplets float freely in the air.

These droplets flash evaporate to cool or humidify the surrounding air. For dust suppression, the droplets amalgamate with the fugitive dust to form a heavier droplet that drops back down into the product line or onto the floor. Water is first filtered through 10 and 5 micron filters then passes through an X-Scale water treatment system to help combat any high calcium deposits that are detrimental to the nozzle. Water is then pressurized up to 70 bar (1000 PSI) using industrial pumps. The pressurized water then channels out to the nozzle lines on stainless steel or nylon manifold lines. All components are fully tested and fall within any acceptable safety margins.

Mid-Pressure Spray Systems

steel fog nozzle

Stainless steel fog nozzle line creates micron sized water droplets.

The mid-pressure spray system is a specialized dust suppression system, primarily designed for the control of dust on conveyor belts, transfer points and rock crushers. This system operates at 500 PSI and delivers a fine spray via strategically placed nozzles. This system adds just enough water to the product without over wetting to ensure that product handling creates no fugitive dust. Dosing with an environmentally safe chemical, which increases the surface tension of the water, giving better dust control and reducing water usage may further enhance the systems performance.

Foam Spray Systems (ACT Foam)

The foam spray system is a specialized dust suppression system, primarily designed for the control of dust on products where the addition of extra moisture has to be kept to a minimum. By creating foam with an environmentally friendly chemical, the surface area of the water is increased to a maximum. This foam has an excellent dust holding capacity and uses the absolute minimum amount of water. The foam also has a residual factor, which has the ability to carry a long way on the product keeping the dust in check with the minimum of application points.

Act Foam System

ActFoam System

Our expert engineers, design each system individually for the specific application. The systems are designed to ensure that the customers needs are addressed and all environmental problems are solved. Control systems form an integral part of the operation and performance of our system without precise control the system will not perform as originally intended. We align ourselves with the world's best manufacturers of control equipment and work closely with them to ensure that the control circuits are beneficial to the user and operator.