Nevada Dust Control Technology and Systems

Nevada manufacturing plants and facilities battle the challenging problem of dust suppression on a daily basis. The presence of excess dust not only increases the risk for explosions and fire, but it also threatens the health of your employees as well as generating high clean-up costs. Implementing a strategic management program that both contains and suppresses fugitive dust is not only a wise operational decision, but one that has been proven to pay for itself time and again. Modern dust control technology combines containment, suppression and collection to meet both environmental and health and safety requirements, while at the same time working to protect employees and reduce site emissions. The ACT Group specializes in dust suppression systems and conveyor design for a wide array of industries throughout Nevada, including power generation, mining, mineral processing, hazardous waste, and bulk material handling.  

There are two main types of dust control technology in Nevada: dust containment and dust suppression equipment. Dust containment systems capture and enclose airborne dust through the use of a specialized transfer point system. This dust control equipment covers up leaks, reduces air speed, and allows dust particles to settle to the floor where they can then be disposed of properly. Dust suppression systems, on the other hand, prevent dust from ever becoming airborne through misting systems. Applied Conveyor Technology is a direct distributor of Engineering conveyor products for dust suppression solutions, and our many turnkey automated dust control solutions include:

  • High-Pressure Fog and Low-Pressure Fog
  • High-Pressure Spray
  • Foam and Chemical Surfactants

Conveyor Design, Manufacturing and Repair Service 

The ACT Group is also the leading provider of conveyor technologies and material handling equipment in Nevada for applications that include piping, electrical systems, steel fabrication, logic and control systems, spillage control, and dust containment, suppression and collection. Our bulk material handling solutions include comprehensive conveyor design and industrial fabrication services for nearly any project.

Whether you need a new conveyor installation or service and repairs on your existing conveyor, we can help. We supply belt cleaners, conveyor belts, pulleys, idlers, and all other conveyor parts. Our competitive, high-quality fabrication services are backed by our in-house quality assurance protocols. The ACT Group utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to turn your conveyor design idea into a reality using:

  • AutoCAD
  • Hypertherm Hi-Definition plasma table
  • MIG welding machines
  • TIG welding machines


Silo Cleaning

Any silo or bulk storage vessel can become clogged or blocked by materials like cement, boron, pet food, coke ash, dust, coal, grain, and more. The ACT Group offers turnkey silo cleaning services in Nevada to help you recover the most material possible from your silos. Silo cleaning will help you:

  • Regain live storage capacity and recover lost material
  • Restore your flow rate
  • Eliminate confined space entry – cleaning proceeds safely on top of the vessel
  • Make your vessels safe for inspection
  • Reduce time on the job through controlled cutting technology

Contact the most trusted dust control systems provider in Nevada for all of your dust handling needs. For further information about any of the systems mentioned, or to learn more about our conveyor design, conveyor manufacturing, silo cleaning, or conveyor parts services, please call Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. at 888-480-0680 today.