Open Area Dust Control


Initially ACT’s Fog Cannon was designed to be used in high risk problem areas as the final defense in suppressing the airborne dust around machinery which proved impractical to totally enclose.

Over the past several years, the system has been adapted to suit mobile requirements and provide dust suppression over wide areas where traditional units are unsuited. This innovation is essentially a ‘Cannon’ comprising of a motor driven fan housed within a steel tube fitted with suitably designed spray nozzles affixed at one end. The mist/fog is projected up to 165’ and can sweep through an arc of approximately 180 degrees. An additional use of the ‘Fog Cannon’ is to harness the evaporation properties of the mist. It is quite suitable for draining ponds or areas of standing water. Applied Conveyor Technology offers Fog Cannons for purchase or rental. Rental programs are priced on a case by case basis depending on expected duration of use.