Railcar Vibrators

Railcar shaker systems help improve evacuation from cars or hoppers when unloading bulk materials

Portable railcar vibrators provide a quick and semi-permanent solution to emptying bulk materials from train cars and hoppers. Applied Process Equipment, Inc. (The ACT Group) carries three different railcar shaker systems from Martin® Engineering. They each deliver powerful forces to speed up the loading and unloading process for loose materials.

Depending on the railcar shaker system you select, you can customize your application to include:

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic motors
  • Various mounting options (shoe slides, bolt mounts, clamp feet, and cradle lug brackets)
  • Force delivering up to 1000 pounds with less than 100 PSI
  • High-amp vibratory energy at low frequencies

Best of all – you get effective railcar and hopper cleanout with less carryback material. Martin® Engineering industrial vibrators even work when the train is in motion. When you can improve worker safety and reduce labor costs, your business thrives.

Railcar Vibrators

Browse our available railcar shaker systems below or check out our other loading and unloading products.


Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator

Deliver forceful impacts with powerful vibration to loosen and unload compacted materials from hopper cars with the Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator. Manufactured from Martin® Engineering, this railcar shaker system keeps railcar unloading processes clean, safe, and efficient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Linear vibrator provides powerful force to boost material flow.
  • Lightweight vibrator and shoe make mounting/dismounting a strain-free procedure.
  • Compact vibrator and mount assembly provides plenty of power to unload the most stubborn materials.
  • Vibrator and wedge system weighs only 48 lbs (21 kg), reducing risk of injury from manhandling large, cumbersome vibrators into railcar brackets.
  • The Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator is covered by Martin Engineering’s Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee.