Conveyor Belt Systems for the Recycling Industry

Notice improved recycling product sorting and conveyor flow with the ACT Group’s custom-designed belt systems and abrasion-resistant SPECTRUM™ belting

RecyclingFor more than 25 years, Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. (The ACT Group) has designed custom small to large conveyor belt systems for many industries. The recycling and solid waste industry are one of many that benefit from conveyor belting and sorting systems.

When trucks dump large collections of recyclable materials, the bulk of items are sorted into hoppers. The hoppers then feed the items to conveyor belt systems for further processing. When just one idler is broken or if there is slack in the belt, it slows down production, costing your business time and money.

The ACT Group is known nationwide for delivering conveyor solutions that work for everyday processes. Our experts design and install all types of belt systems. The two most common applications for waste management/recycling include feed belting and elevating belt systems. Feed conveyors help push bulky items into balers and shredders, whereas elevating conveyors move smaller materials into bins for further processing.

We are confident that you will notice more efficiency with our conveyor systems for recycling processes. Our experts stand by our work, and we provide remote support for any downtime that occurs. Just reach out to your regional representative.

Dust Suppression Equipment for Recycling Plants

Another area most recycling plants need solutions for is dust suppression. The ACT Group has several options for dust control and containment. When items are being unloaded and sorted, airborne particles and sand-like plumes can occur. This can pose a dangerous risk to conveyor belt idlers and other moving parts. Airborne particle buildup can lodge into the gaps between rollers and idlers. When enough residue builds up over time, they cannot make a full turn, thereby causing a processing holdup.

One way to practice effective dust management is to use an airborne particle containment system right at the unloading zone. Depending on your needs, this may include mist to weigh down the air and carry fine and heavy airborne particles to the ground. In some cases, heavy-duty vacuums prove to be effective dust suppression equipment.

No matter what your conveyor belting and dust control needs are, The ACT Group can help. We are official distributors for many types of industrial solutions. We help all types of waste management and recycling plants throughout the U.S. We are confident that our solutions provide improved efficiency and decreased downtime. Contact your regional representative to learn more!