Specialty Cleaners

E5HPSS & E1HPSS Primary Belt Cleaners


Designed for the Sugar & Salt Industry

This series of cleaners are specially designed for the mining and transporting of salt and sugar products. All metal components are made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Eagle Torsion™ System

This revolutionary design is the simplest and most accurate tensioning system on the market. Only 4 components make up the Eagle Torsion System.

  • Universal torsion mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Eagle Torsion™ ring
  • Tension guide ring

Pure-White™ Blade

  • We are the only manufacturer to offer a pure-white FDA approved blade for dry product.
  • Material meets FDA criteria for the following: CFR21.177.1680
  • Additive for lubricity (non-stick)
  • Pricing available upon Request for Quote

Features and Benefits

  • Can be flange mounted or foot mounted
  • Elongated holes allow for easy alignment of installation
  • Composite molded bushing eliminates corrosion and build-up between bracket and mounting tube. Allow constant blade pressure to belt
  • Set screw that allows pre-tensioning of cleaner making it more accurate

Specifications and Guidelines

Tensioner Type: Eagle Torsion System
Blade Height: 6″and 6-5/8
Pulley Diameter: 24″ Plus (600 mm)
Belt Speed: Max 1200 FPM (365.7 m/min)
Temperature Rating: -30°F to 212°F (-35°C to 100°C)

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PolyStar Cleaner PMSC Series


The Eagle PolyStar Multi-Purpose Belt Cleaner is designed to clean cleated, raised rib and many types of chevron belts. Our unique patent pending PolyStar is designed to reduced clogging associated with standard brush type cleaners. Each PolyStar is independent with flexible fingers moving to conform to belt profiles. The cleaner is free-rotating on a standard tube design.

Formulated with abrasion resistant urethane that will outlast rubber 3 to 1. FDA Poly-Star are available for food applications upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • 8 1/2″ Diameter Poly-Star
  • Heavy duty mounting tube
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • All components powder coated
  • Compatible with mechanical and vulcanized splices
  • Will work on reversible belt applications
  • Compact design
  • Handles corrosive and abrasive materials (wet or dry)

Specifications and Guidelines

Tensioner Type: Hand Tensioner
PolyStar Diameter: 8″
Belt Speed: Max 1000 FPM (304.8 m/min)
Temperature Rating: -30°F to 212°F (-35°C to 100°C)

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