Conveyor Transfer Point Systems

Improve Spillage Control with a Comprehensive Approach

When a conveyor belt system is running at peak performance, it needs to be efficient, quick, straight, and taut to reduce product spillage issues. Part of ensuring that your system is operating at recommended levels is managing the transfer point sections. These are highly complex areas where the material flow changes belt direction or position. Spillage loss is quite common at these points, and The ACT Group has the solutions you need to avoid costly losses.

The transfer point products we supply for conveyor belt systems are built to last, even in the most demanding conditions. Over time, your conveyor belts are exposed to some of the hottest temperatures, direct sun exposure, and heavy or destructive loads. This can cause your system to slow down without the proper belt support.

Using our conveyor belt aligners and idlers keep your belting system from slacking. They also keep the belts rolling the way they need to and in their intended directions.

Conveyor transfer points are found in many applications, like these:

  • Coal mining and aggregate processing
  • Steel
  • Other mining materials
  • Cement processing
  • Biomass
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Fertilizer production
  • Railcar and truck shipping ports

The conveyor belt aligners and idlers we supply have a long-lasting history of proven success. We are confident they will save you time and money and improve your facility’s productivity. Here are some other benefits:

  • Safer Operation – Containing products instead of having heavy spillage creates a safer work environment for on-site crews. When there are no product spills, there is reduced risks of slip and fall incidents during clean-up.
  • Longer Belt Life – Our products will improve your belt’s tracking abilities, which helps them to last longer and reduce the likelihood of frayed edges. This furthermore reduces the demand on your drives, pulleys, or decking.
  • Fewer Cleaning Stops – When there is less spillage, there are fewer production stops for transfer point site cleanup.
  • Reduced Dust – Our belt aligners and idlers are only part of the many solutions available through The ACT Group. We also have a full line of dust control products for all critical transfer points. They are designed to reduce the ingestion of dangerous dust and other airborne particles.

Join the many others who trust The ACT Group to improve their conveyor system’s productivity and working conditions. Reach out to our experienced technicians to discuss solutions for your application. Below are just some of the many transfer point products we offer for belt alignment and other tracking adjustments.